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Is it possible to integrate a USB Card Swipe Device without the use of an Active X control?

We have a wep-app that does invoicing for shops. We've integrated with using a web form that submits the card info. The user is required to type in the card number, name, and exp date. Users are complaining that this is too time consuming in a shop setting and would like the ability to use a Card Swipe device connected by USB.


A read the docs and all seem to point to using an Active X control. This won't work since our app is web-based and runs on both the Mac and PC. 


Is there any way to integrate a card swipe device without having to use an active x control? We'd like it to remain compatible across all browsers.


Any advice is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


The answer is yes. A magtek USB reader can be put in to a keyboard emulation mode with no driver required. Or the developer can use a java applet. Contact MagTek.