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Is start date required?

Hi!! I have a customer that has a website in which whenever it goes to the credit card information page to be filled, it asks for the  start date.  Some clients have cards with no start date or issue number.


If a customer has a credit card with no start date or issue number, how can he complete these fields? Thank you very much in advance.


With, you can theoretically charge a card with as little information as amount, card number, and card expiration. Never heard of start date with any processing system, and I've used Paypal and SecurePay and one or two others in addition to My advice would be to remove that part of the form, unless there's some really obscure reason why it's there.


Thank you TJ, actually from start that field sound like strange to be there, and to be as mandatory in that web form as you can see in the follwoing image:


Start Date


I'll trace where that is submitted within the code, and put it in comments is see how would work. Thanks for the advise!