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Is there a way to refund a transaction which is more than 120 days old using linked credit method?

We have a feature that allows for refunding an original transaction for the referrals made by this transaction. Sometimes the time span for this could be more than 120 days i.e the referral process could extend to more than 120 days. We are currently using the linked credit method and this is our only option.


The original transaction settled within the last 120 days. (Issuing a linked credit)


We cannot use the second unlinked credit method so i am looking for a way to achieve refunding a transaction older than 120 days using the first method i.e issuing a linked credit. I am wondering whether there is a way to achieve this. I am looking for indirect ways if direct way is not possible. For example one way i was wondering was whether it was possible to defer settling a transaction after it was captured. If we can defer settling a transaction to a later date then that would give the needed time for refunding. Another method that came to my mind was to create a transaction at a later date by saving the credit card information. This method is currently not plausible since our company doesn't store credit cards. So, i am stuck wondering if there is a way to achieve this and i have come here for some expert help. I appreciate any help! Thanks!





We currently don't offer a method to refund transactions over 120 days because we purge the associated card data used for the original transaction after 120 days.



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