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Is there an API cache time?

I launched an app yesterday using the C# In-Person SDK. The app handles the emv charge and after it returns a succesful charge, I am using the authorize,net api to get the transaction details to return the first and last name and the last 4 digits of the card. Then I write the order to the database. All day today it was working fine in a production enviroment. Tonight I decided to test it because I made some changes to anoter part of the program that is totally unrelated to emv charges. The api stopped returning the transaction details. I discovered I had to wait atleast 10 seconds after making an emv charge before using the get transaction details call. So now I have  wait function that makes program sit idle for 10 seconds after an emv charge is sucessfully made, then calls the api to get the transaction details. I also noticed it takes about 10 seconds for the transaction to show up on the web site reports. Am I right about the cache time on the api? Any suggestions?


Hi tygar45


This is not a cache issue, but rather a matter of data replication latnecy. Due to the number of data centers and databases we replicate data to there is, at times, latency that occurs in replicating data across all of them and we do recommend that you build in a delay to your script that calls the getTransactionDetailsRequest after a transaction has been processed as a result. 


I hope this information if helpful to you. 




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What is the recommended wait time?