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Issues Accepting Payment

Hello, I am in great need of assistance. 


I work for a website development shop, and in the past two weeks I have had the same issue for three clients when trying to process transactions using 

Upon submitting the payment, the webform says "Thank you for your submission" but also returns;

"Error processing payment: Authorize.Net gateway returned'This transaction cannot be accepted.'


Searching for this error brought me to the page for troubleshooting error 103, referencing that the transaction key might be invalid. Thinking it might resolve the problem I went into their accounts, disabled their current transaction keys and issued new ones to be used, and then re-assigned the transaction keys to their payment portals on the website, but the problem is still occurring. 


I contacted the live help desk, and someone was asking for the RRC reason response code. I told him I do not receive any code errors, just the text ""Error processing payment: Authorize.Net gateway returned'This transaction cannot be accepted.'"


If anyone can tell me where I should be looking for this RRC that would be very helpful. Additionally if anyone has advice on how to further troubleshoot this issue that would be wonderful.


Thank you,




103 is the RRC code

Depend on which API it require different field name/data. It is a new setup or it works before? Can you log what you sending to

Response Reason Code: 103

Response Reason Text: A valid fingerprint, or transaction key is required for this transaction.

Integration Team Suggestions: This error is generated when your account is in "Password-Required Mode" and you are not sending a valid password, transaction key or hash fingerprint with your transaction request, which is a recommended security measure.

Please consider the following details when encountering this error:

  • If you are using SIM, make sure you are using a valid transaction key to generate and send a fingerprint hash to us along with your transaction request.
  • If you are using AIM please make sure you are posting the gateway defined field x_tran_key.
  • If you are using a third party shopping cart which uses AIM and are receiving this error, please check with your shopping cart provider to ask if your application can pass the transaction key to the Authorize.Net payment gateway.
  • If you are using an older Authorize.Net account and you submit a password instead of a transaction key with your transactions, you may experience this error. Please ensure that you are posting a transaction key instead.
  • Some shopping carts, for backwards compatibility with older connection methods, may provide the means to submit both a transaction key and a password. You should not use both the transaction key and the password simultaneously; doing so may also result in this error. We recommend using the transaction key instead of the password whenever possible, as transaction keys tend to be more secure than passwords. In such a situation, please leave the password field blank

    If the shopping cart has a field for the password but no field for the transaction key, please put the transaction key in the password field. Our system will recognize and validate the transaction key properly.

    Also, while most shopping cart software will have a field for the transaction key, password, or both, some software may not. Please contact your shopping cart provider for details on how to upgrade to a more secure version of your shopping cart software. In an emergency, you may submit transactions without a transaction key, by disabling Password-Required Mode in your account. You may find details in our Password-Required Mode knowledge base document.

Hello Raynor thank you for your reply,


By require different field name / data, are you referring to the personal information that must be filled out when sending a payment?

I am attempting to find the record of the transactions in the log at the moment.

And this set up was working prior to about two weeks ago.


Thanks again,


By require different field name / data, I mean for SIM/DPM use the fingerprint, AIM use tranKey.


I've just come across this as well.
Generating and implementing a new transaction ID (the x_tran_key variable) fixed the issue



Thanks Luke,

Had this happening on three different accounts; currently it is only affecting one. 


Had tried to generate and implement new transaction ID for these accounts to no avail. 

Two of the accounts started to work and accept payments again after I disabled and uninstalled / installed and enabled the authorizenet module. This was effective for 2 out of the 3 accounts;  still working on figuring out the last one.