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Last Four numbers from DPM post

We are submitting auth_captures via DPM.  We also need to be able to allow for the ability to Credit back these captures.  In order to do this it seems that I need to store the Last Four digits of the CC number since this info is required for a CREDIT transaction via AIM.


This is all fine except that I am not able to get this information back via our original DPM auth_capture.  When inspecting the SIMResponse object the CardNumber field is empty.  Please advise on how I can get the last four digits of the CC number from a response to a DPM auth_capture post.


For instance if I do the following:

var sr = new SIMResponse(Request.Form);

var ccNumber = sr.CardNumber;


sr.CardNumber is an empty string.  All of the other properties of sr (InvoiceNumber, Message etc.) seem to have values.


In the source they are using the wrong fieldname

so do


var ccNumber =sr.GetValue("x_account_number");



Sorry, forgot to thank you for answering this.


What I ended up having to do was this:

string ccNum = Request.Form.Get("x_account_number");


sr.GetValue("x_account_number") didn't return quite the right thing.  Can't remember now what the issue was, but anyway, you got me 90% of the way there.