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Level 2 Data code help - coldfusion

Our proprietary eComm platform has an integration with but written in ColdFusion.


I need to add some level 2 data such as Shipping/Freight, Taxes and lost. The developer tools provide pre-built scripts, but of course, none of those match our antiquated coldfusion script. 


This works fine for now, but my current line in red below is only providing the total to, which I need to be able to send Subtotal, Taxes and Shipping as 3 separate lines. 


Any help would be much appreciated. I am NOT a developer, I'm just the guy that helps translate what they say to my clients. So I could use your help! 



A current snippet of the script we are using, with Amount section highlighted in red.


<cfhttp method="post" url="#arguments.authorizeInfo.storeAuthorizeLink#">

                <cfhttpparam name="x_login" type="formfield" value="#arguments.authorizeInfo.storeAuthorizeLogin#">

                <cfhttpparam name="x_tran_key" type="formfield" value="#arguments.authorizeInfo.storeAuthorizeTranKey#">


                <cfhttpparam name="x_delim_data" type="formfield" value="TRUE">

                <cfhttpparam name="x_delim_char" type="formfield" value="|">

                <cfhttpparam name="x_relay_response" type="formfield" value="FALSE">


                <cfhttpparam name="x_method" type="formfield" value="CC">


                <cfhttpparam name="x_type" type="formfield" value="#arguments.authorizeInfo.storeAuthorizeType#">

                <cfhttpparam name="x_amount" type="formfield" value="#arguments.orderTotalInUSD#">