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Login Trouble in Android Sample

Hi all,


I downloaded the auth SDK and also the sample app for the Android platform, but rarely when I submit mi id and password in the login activity the progress circle appears and it never goes away. Seems like there is no response from the backend in order to login. Where the problem could it be...? 


What you are describing indicates that the connection to Authorize.Net is failing. Unfortunately, it's hard to guess what might be happening in the background. I would recommend starting to debug by simply testing the connection to our API outside of the SDK/App. For instance, you can check just to ensure that your device can contact


For additional debugging, the SDK itself is hoooked into android.util.log. You can up the logging level in if you want to retrieve more details about what is actually going on during development.

Administrator Administrator

Hi. I have same problem on my device. I have Galaxy Nexus with Android SDK 4.0.4. Also emulator has the same issue. Does support this kind of phone?