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Lucee Integration Notes for how to install certificates in JRE

For anyone who has to do this integration with Lucee.  I struggled with this integration. 


This solution worked for me. I did not know Lucee had a SSL Certificate installation tool. In my case I am setting up This year they moved to Cloudfront and had a 5 step rollout. Things went well until step 4b. We had to install new SSL certificates for The documentation was terrible and did not work. Calling I spoke with two people who could not help me and suggested I go to the community forum where others had the same issue.

To resolve the issue in Lucee please do the following:

Log into the Administrator for Server (not Web).

Go to SSL Certificates under Services.

Under Host enter and click install. 
Everything suddenly started working for me.  


I believe that this tool installs the certificate into the JRE for Lucee.  Windows installation of those certificates doesn't do that apparently.  

My verbose response is in hopes search engines will pick up on this and help others.  Errors I ran into included:

PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target,

truststore, keystore, cacerts

I was tring to install ssl certificates on Windows.