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MD5 Hash and WooCommerce

I use WooCommerce (Version 2.1.12) with the WooCommerce DPM Gateway (Version 1.5.1) on a WordPress site, and all transactions have been meeting the following error:


Error -- not AuthorizeNet. Check your MD5 Setting.


No matter what I have done, the issue persists. It's thrown by (the URL of the error is, not by WooCommerce. The issue started when I did not have a value for the MD5 hash in either or in the WooCommerce settings.


Here are the things I have already tried, and which did not work:

1. Changing the hash in Authorize and WooCommerce to a 7-character value

2. Changing the hash in Authorize and WooCommerce to a 6-character value

3. Updating WordPress and all plugins

4. Regenerating my Authorize.Net Transaction Key and Updating it in WooCommerce

5. Changing the hash in Authorize and WooCommerce to a 4-character value

6. Changing the hash in Authorize and WooCommerce to a 16-character value


I have already been to the WooCommerce support forum and talked with an Authorize.Net Help agent, who pointed me here.

Please, if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them.






I should also note that all of the transactions ARE being captured by


Hi, I'm learning development of Authorize.Net plugins as well. I dont' know how well you understand PHP, but if you go into the DPM class (lib/AuthorizeNetDPM.php) you'll see that your error is located right there on line 67. Not usre if that helps, but its at least a lead.


It's not actually Authorize.Net that's giving you that error, it the SDK.


Of course, since you're using WooCommerce in a wordpress installation you'll have to dig to find all that. But i'd take that back to the developer of the Authorize.Net plugin for WooCommerce.


Hope that's somethin.

WooCommerce Plugin -- Usuually the MD5 is also your gateway password -- need to verify your account settings as well.