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SilentPost URL is not working ARB system.

I have integrated Auto Recurring System and its made live with live merchant credentials. The issue is that the SilentPost URL to receive payment/renewal request is not working. The script I have set in Silent POST URL is not being called by the system.

So it did work on the test server?


I have put email script + database updation in Silent post url script. This way I know that script has been called or not but I am not receiving any email nor the database updating.

I have update in live environment but not working.


Just the ARB API? so it work on other API, like SIM, AIM, etc?

Yes It works AIM , I also receive E-mail but not working ARB.

If it work for AIM, it will work for ARB, so on the schedule date, the ARB transaction didn't send a silent post on the live production server?