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MD5 -> SHA-512 Upgrade If Using Latest SDK

I received the notifcation about the EOL for MD5. I'm using AIM method. I saw all the docs about generating a key, convertiging it to a byte aray, setting up the message, etc. Knowing that I need to move away from AIM, I started working on integrating the latest SDK for php. I got the hello world working, but nowhere in the docs does it talk about generating the key, converting it, and setting up the message. Is this all built into the SDK and I can ignore, or am I missing something? Thanks for the help!

With the sha512 you build the validation function into your script. It isn’t required. It also has limited benefit for modern API integrations. I have the validation script for php in a thread “working php hash verification”. The first code I posted in that thread has been tested and works. You can make an equivalent in your language. You may have to convert to a byte array. You don’t enter anything in your merchant interface. You generate a signature key from there and that’s what you use to hash. Food just came. Good luck to you.
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