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Managing Subscriptions Programatically - ARB

I am atempting an integration of ARB to a SaaS website.


The problem I'm facing is that all transactions are confirmed via email with no way of batch processing decline messages and updating the website DB so that accounts that have been declined are suspended. I have contacted Authorize twice regarding the issue their solution is to process the indivdual transaction emails manually 1 by 1. This is not practical for a member database in the 1,000s, and it breaks the flow of information from the ARB to the website if I manage the customer accounts locally at and not at my website.


I need to know if anyone has advice on how to manage this without having a resource sort through emails all day long manually. I need an automated solution, I am suprised that ARB doesn't facilitate this type of batch processing.




Hey Rich,


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Can you use the Silent Post URL solution described in the ARB SOAP documentation? I haven't tried it as of yet but the way I understand it, when a transaction is processed a response of accepted/declined will be returned that you can then dump into a file or database. In theory you could then have some kind of file watcher or scheduled task take these results and mark your accounts current or suspended as needed. Unfortunately, it's not full proof because you onlly get 2 seconds to pick up the response and do something with it or it is gone forever. If your URL is down or slow for some reason, you could miss one or two but I would think it would still be better than nothing.