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Master SecureCode Problem

Does anyone know whether it's a common problem with that it doesn't process proper responses for authentication relating to master secure code, it works fine with verified by visa. What i mean is that passing authentication values alongwith the transaction for master securecode doesn't get back a proper CAVV Result code response saying "Not Applicable" whereas it works perfect for Verified by Visa. Does anyone know if it's a problem with or what, as my processor has confirmed that the transactions that are posted to processor for master securecode doesn't have the authentication fields filled, whereas they are filled for verified by visa. And for me, i am passing those values to the gateway, some issue does exist with gateway and processor communication.


Authorize.Net does not support Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode on all processors, but I am not aware of any processors where we support one without the other.  I would recommend contacting our support team directly so that they can pull transaction details related to your individual account.  Without reviewing specific transaction details, I'm afraid that I can't give you much guidance.

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Habibfaisal ,

Were you able to get MasterCard Securecode working? I have the same issue where I am getting a Verified by Visa CAVV result code but nothing for Mastercard transactions. I've already called my Merchant Service Provider,, Cardinal, and the processor First Data and I am not sure I am communicating the problem to the right person and in the right manner as they are all telling me to call someone else. I would have thought could atleast check to see what data is coming in and is being sent to the processor that results in no response.


Has anyone else experienced this? Any advise on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.




I am experiencing the same issue. Contacted everyone with no luck too. Did anyone find a fix for that problem?