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Mobile User Purchases Best Practices



I'm a developer working on an app for a library, and they would like to integrate the ability to pay library fines into their application.  They have requested that we do as much of the logic as possible from mobile device.


From my reading/understanding of the documentation it appears that the most we can do on the device is to collect the card information and (securely) post that information to the library's server (which is in PHP and already has integration), as the mobile SDKs are more for use to write merchant apps where the merchant uses the phone to swipe a customer's card.


One question I have is if there is any way to do more than this? For instance, is there an API that lets one directly post the card information from the device to an web service?  I've seen topics in the community that suggest using a mobile/responsive website, however those were almost a year old so I wanted to make sure such answers were still the recommended approach.


Hello @michaelAtClearl 


This would be done by using your PHP web server to generate an authentication fingerprint. As documented in our Apple Pay documentation this same authentication method can be used for regular transactions, but it is generally seen as more complex than simply running the transaction through the web server.


This will look something like this:










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