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Modify the order amount

Let us assume an order is placed by charging the amount by credit card.

The first time Authorized 100$ from the creditcard account

The order is not processed yet(not Settled) only authorized

is it possible to modity the amount 100$ to 125$

(suppose modify amount is  not possible  i need to cancel and place the new order Is it correct)

In this case what should happen?


Suppose I am using AIM Method


I don't believe you can make an authorize bigger, no. You have two options here - you can either use CIM to set up a customer profile / billing profile (perhaps in validation mode to verify the credit card up front), then charge the exact amount against the billing profile whenever it comes due, or you can use AIM to authorize the maximum possible amount up front, then capture later with whatever the amount actually is. The latter method is simpler if you can figure out the maximum.


I dont need of creditcard checking

Assume Creditcard have Enough Amount


Only i need to modify the authorized amount(I can modify more than one time) in the same order before settling

without void method




You can't modify the authorized amount later, and you can't store the credit card data and then AIM the exact amount (well, you could, but that would have to be done VERY carefully). As I said before, your ONLY two options are to authorize for the maximum possible amount with AIM, then capture for the exact amount, or to use CIM and billing profiles so you can authorize / capture for the exact amount. Pick one.

Is there  is any way to before settling the transaction to modify the amount?(Without CIM method)


I am tried with below scenario using AIM Method:


first authorized 100$(not yet settled)

suppose i need to charge 20$ more


then i (void)  cancel the  100$  and i again i newlyauthorize 120$

In this case some trasnsaction fee there while Cancelling or voiding

without Transaction fee There is any way ?


For cancellation (void) time i dont want to loose any amount?

suppose I  voiding 100$ i will get 100$ without any transaction fee

Is it possible to do?


Pleasae Help Me!!!!!