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Moving from Test to Live and getting an error


We are trying to take our site live today using the CIM API and I am getting an error.


I am using the SDK that I downloaded from Authorize.Net. I switched over to use the live URL:


I verified that this is the URL being used.


I changed the api login and transaction key to the live ones that are currently being used on another site with AIM 3.0.


I get the errors E00003 and E00007, User Authorization failed due to invalid authentication values".


Is there something else that needs to be done to switch to the live account? I verified with that the account is set up for CIM.


The transactions work fine with the test account, but fail with those errors on the live account.

Any ideas?



Double check the loginID and TransactionKey.

Also, someone might have change the TransactionKey, so create/regenerate a new one when all else fails.


E00003 mean bad XML.


I switched over to use the live URL

You mean you switch the CustomerGateway to ServiceMode.Live??


Missing a digit from the transaction key. I counted the length and my test key was 16 digits and the live one was 15. I went back to the source and had them double check.


Sorry to bother you!