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Mutliple merchant allocatin but one gateway

I work for a software company and have a client that has 4 merchant accounts via 1 auth net gateway.  They would need us to program which of the merchant accounts a specific transaction goes to via a round robin and based upon the limit by merchant.


Does authorize net currently work with any network off their gateway that will accept the transactions and preform the routing to the merchant accounts based upon limits, etc.?


We are trying to not reinvent a wheel if needed and direct our client to an establish integration that may exist.  Any input is helpful.


I guess the most important question is - why are you doing it this way? How many transactions are you processing and for what? It may be easier to reduce the number of transactions rather than mess with rotating the accounts. Also, I'm not sure I understand the whole four merchant accounts and one gateway idea. I always thought you had one merchant account and then sat on top and provided an interface - didn't know you could have multiples.


Just to confirm, an individual Authorize.Net account can only connect to one Merchant account.  If for any reason you need to connect to multiple merchant accounts, then you are going to need multiple Authorize.Net accounts.

In which case you'd need to pass the applicable account login ID and transaction key for each transaction, rather than configuring it in the API. I already do it this way with one account, since I just prefer surface configuration to API configuration.