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Need Help with SIM in ColdFusion


I have never work on Payment Gateway in the past so the concept is new to me especially from the developer point of view. I'm working on a non-profit org and I have to create a credit card payment process for a donation page.

I'm hoping someone who have done this in the past doesn't mind sharing a bit so I can continue on.

I'm particularly interested in working on SIM method but after reading the documentation and coldfusion sample code I still unable to connect the two together.


Basically my confusion is to understand how is the connection between my donation form page and the credit card form page.

I have a donation form page where my users can fill in their donation amount (example: $500) and then select their favorite program.

Once users are done filling in the donation information, they'll click a button and the total amount of donation along with other fields selected are posted to the next form, a credit card form.


My first question is:

Do I create the credit card form or will provide this form?












for SIM, you do NOT create the credit card entry screen.


if you do a search on coldfusion, there are a few example from other developer, like this one


Hi! Thanks for responding.

That's good to hear that I don't have to create the credit card entry screen.

So all I need to do is to post my donation form using method=POST  to am I correct?



Yes that about it, just need to post with the required fields and will show the credit card entry screen.

I keep getting error 97.

I read from this forum and other forum all said that the timestamp is only good only for 15 minutes. The email from also said so.


My first test using sample.cfm wasn't generating error 97 but then when I adopted the codes from sample.cfm and apply it to coldfusion my template for another test, I got error 97.

Any suggestion on how to solve this provblem with ColdFusion?

Have you try the tool to see what time the 'x_fp_timestamp' is sending?

Yes, here is the result.

Your timestamp = 1409880442 seconds.
The Authorize.Net system timestamp is 1409866138 seconds.
The difference is 14304 seconds.


I don't know what to do to this type of error. has example scripts for a work around but they're for other languages except for ColdFusion.

That about 4 hours different, it might not be using the UTC time?

That timestamp came from sample.cfm (from sample codes for codlfusion):

<cfset timestamp=DateDiff("s", "January 1 1970 00:00", DateConvert('local2UTC', Now())) >

I'm still testing sample.cfm and have not had a real account with yet because I want to see if this payment gateway work.

Look like an issue with cold fusion


"However, if your server is configured for EDT, the difference when running across dateDiff() would be 4 hours and 1 minute."