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ARB integration in MVC

Hi all,

i ahve requirement like , i have a businees model like subscribtion based tution center. in that viewers ca see the available tution and they can choose their subscription in my website and if they click the payment button i want to transfer the payment thru ARB method.


and i seen the lots oh code snippet for creating subscription thru ARB but my req is like sub. choosen by viewers and then payment only go thu the ARB. please suggest the helping way to proceed this functionality.



Your response will be appreciated :smileyhappy:


Currently ARB don't have a hosted options, you will have to collect credit card info on your site and then send them to


Thanks ray,  but now i handle the subscription part and payment alone only directly send to the which integration  maethod will be suitable for thid req.

ARB for the subscription, and you could use AIM for the one timer.

Ok ray let me try the AIM and come back to you if any assitance i need. thanks for the reply.

Mr Ray currently i am using sandBox account with AIM. Hear the response says "transaction was successfull", where i can able to see the bill.

If you have the testmode turn OFF(transactionID from the AIM transaction not zero).

login to the sandbox account

It will be either under unsettled or the settled transaction.

Thanks Ray i can see now the transaction. Currently in sandbox account it is asking credit card number and expiry date alone. is this way is secure to transfer money?. And i want to more secure transaction. this same process will happeb in live account as well. then please suggest the good way for us,.

Not sure what is the "more secure transaction"

Https is secure. If you are using ARB, your server need to be PCI compliance.