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Need help with dealing with plans and subscription



The software I'm working on has multiple plans and it is possible for a customer to be in more than one plan at a time.


I was wondering for this kind of situation, do I've to make two different subscriptions for a single customer ?


(I'm using customer profiles to create ARB to charge for subscription)


Hi Asim Neupane,


Technically, you can create multiple subscription plans for a single customer using the customer profile. subscription ID is unique for each plan and is used to manage a subscription.


Please refer to the Recurring Billing documentation -


Also, refer to ARB sample-code-java -


you can find ARB sample code in other languages on GitHub -

Search for "sample-code-*"


Hope this helps !!


Developer Developer

Thank you for the response and sorry for late reply. I got pulled to another project.


(Please correct me if I'm wrong) It means if I've three plans in my subscription then  I'll have three subscriptions (i.e three different subscriptionId's for my profile) right ?


(I've implemented similarly. But, I was wondering if I there is a way I can manage multiple plans using same subscription Id ?)