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EMV Token and Multiple POS's

I am using the .net In Person SDK. You have provide my username and password to get a token to process a EMV transaction. My question is, I have 20 Point of sale stations, can I just use the same account to aquire new emv transaction tokens for all 20 POS's, thoeretically all at the same time?


Hello @tygar45


Yes, you can have multiple EMV devices connected through a single Payment Gateway account.  Be certain to set the Terminal ID, a unique identifier for each device so you know which lane/machine ran the transaction.


Samys Camera uses the Authorize.Net In Person SDK for multiple devices at each location:




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Administrator Administrator

I am trying to set up a similar scenario and have a couple questions.


When you say a single Payment Gateway account does this mean each computer can use the same LoginID and Password? Also, what do you recommend to use as a Device ID? Would that be the same or similar to the Terminal ID, or should it be something like the serial number of the card reader itself?