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New MD5 Hash Changes

I really need some help here with this. I would first like to know how come the first I am hearing of this is from my clinets who received the email only 2 weeks before  we have to fix things....How are we suppossed to properly fix and text in that short period of time.


Second, I cannot find any concrete information about what is actually changing at the end of the month and my attempt to reach out directly to Authorize.NET has not been answered....According to the link the only current change is that Authorize.NET is removing the ability for clients to enter the MD5 hash on their side and other changes will come at a later date. Is this correct?


Do we need to make any changes to our code directly as of January 31st?


Also is the Sandbox/testing environment already updated? So if that is working properly now are we good to go come end of Janurary?


Thank you!




Who's bright idea was it to remove something that is being used by our customers and require us to update our code in LESS THAN A MONTH. The product manager of AuthorizeNet should be fired. This is absurd.


It takes us at least a couple months to get our versions of our product released to our customers. So if we start fixing this now, they won't have the new Hash until maybe the end of Spring. Not to mention our customers that are on much older versions that would require us to backport this to them. They left zero time for planning. It's almost like they don't know what a software cycle is.


Luckily the change doesn't seem that difficult. I'm referring to this guide here that uses a new Signature Key:


But I have said things with AuthorizeNet would be simple before. Actually that was only one month ago before this Accept Hosted fiasco. Best of luck fellow coder! I'm sure I'll be back.

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But wait there's more....


We have a client that just emailed us having issues TODAY!!! What are you doing Authorize.NET and how do we ensure our cleints can continue processing payments properly???

That's a very vague issue and as much I would love to blame AuthNet, because they are terrible at everything they do, you need more details and an error message before you can blame them and not yourself.