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No AuthCode in Response when getting TransactionDetails using getTransactionDetails

Hi All,


I've been testing and deploying my Authorize.Net ECheck code to Production Server using XML. My request and response looks same like on following post but response is missing AuthCode and I don't know why.


ResultCode is Ok

ResponseCode is 1,

BatchID is 1 too; and

settlementState is settledSuccessfully.


All of my transactions are made using liveMode yet response is missing AuthCode.


Any ideas?


Thanks for pointing me to the right direction. Let me try looking into the Settled Transactions.

Link says: You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action.

Hello @dustin1


Here is the relevant response:


eCheck.Net transactions are not assigned authorization codes because they do not occur in real-time as credit card transactions do.


In the case of credit card transactions, authorization codes are assigned by the issuing bank, for later use in funding which is performed by your merchant account provider. This is why they are returned with the credit card transaction response.


eCheck.Net transactions are simply submitted to your Authorize.Net account and then forwarded onto the bank at a later time for funding; they are not sent to your merchant account provider. Authorization occurs, or is denied, when the funding request is received and processed by the customers bank, thus no authorization code is provided as it is not needed.