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No receiving answer on the Silent Post URL



Sometimes, I did not receive any answser from the server on my Silent Post URL.


Is there any way to ask to the server to send it again ?


Thanks for your help.


Well... you can theoretically use the Transaction Details API to get a list of recently settled batches, then get the list of transactions for each batch, then get the transaction details for each transaction. You can then use this to update anything that may not have arrived at the Silent Post. Just set up an automated process to do this every day or two.


Incidently, if things are occasionally not getting through, either your hosting lags or your DNS lags, and in the latter case you can at least significantly reduce the problem by increasing the refresh time on your DNS from the default (usually an hour) to something much larger (maybe a week or two). The former would of course require upgrading your hosting, which is probably a lot more complicated.


o if yourTo give you a short answer to your question, no, silent post requests are only sent once. 

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