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Not seeing Item or Description in Simple Checkout receipts

Our client is using simple checkout but for multiple things. They have a Donate button at the top of every page but they also hold raffle sales or other types of fundraising events. This is a good example...


On the top-right of the page you’ll see the option to buy one or more tickets at $5 each. But when they get an email, there’s no way to tell if the person was using the main donate button, or one of their fundraiser buttons. So they have to go through some complex process to track down what the person was sending in money for.


Any idea why this basic functionality of a Buy Now or Donate button isn't happening?  I setup a test but am not getting any email receipts using Simple Checkout.  Thoughts?


I see in another post...


...that "The Item ID will not show up in the Merchant email receipts. It is only available through the Transaction Details API, Transaction Details page in your Authorize.Net account and Customer email receipts."


I noticed the Transaction Details API was not enabled so I enabled it.  However, I'm not getting any emails that the test transaction occurred, before or after I enabled it.  Am I correct that the client will have no idea what was purchased unless they login to their account and navigate to Unsettled Transactions?  Surely that's not the case.  So again, how can set it up so our client gets an email on what was purchased from them?  Thanks.


We don't need the Item ID, just the Description would be nice... like this from one of my past clients using AIM and Zencart.


Merchant : TEXAS TAMALE COMPANY (994045)

Date/Time : 17-Sep-2013 12:18:48 CDT


========= ORDER INFORMATION =========

Invoice : 4283-OORxcc

Description : Enchilada Sauce (qty: 12)

Amount : 71.17 (USD)

Payment Method : MasterCard

Type : Authorization and Capture


This is what my current client gets using Simple Checkout... hard to believe this is empty.


Merchant : HomeAid Houston (826317)

Date/Time : 1-Apr-2014 14:42:46 PDT


========= ORDER INFORMATION =========

Invoice :

Description :

Amount : 25.00 (USD)

Payment Method : Visa

Type : Authorization and Capture


Seems like I'm using a sledgehammer on a thumbtack if we have to resort to AIM or SIM. Any suggestions before I rebuild 30 of these buttons?  Thanks!

Thoroughly frustrated here.  Got a Buy Now button working to post a transaction, I get a customer email receipt, but NO merchant receipt at all.  Unbelievable.  Tried implementing a silent post but after 4 hours messing it, I read in a post that it won't work with hosted SIM. Haven't even gotten to doing a Donate button in SIM which I can't find how to use an empty dollar amount field for customers to use. Could I get some guidance here?  12 hours and counting that I won't get paid for. Just want this done.

Hello @getyler2 


In the Merchant Interface, there is an option under your account profile for "Transaction Receipt."  This option must be checked if you wish to receive a merchant transaction receipt.



I know.  It's checked.  Everything's checked.

If this is a problem with your client's production account, I would encourage you to contact merchant customer support.  They have access to additional tools and and resources to troubleshoot the issue.



Thanks Richard, but I'd really just like to create a simple Buy Now button for a simple $5 raffle ticket and a Donate button in my test account from scratch and get a Merchant Email Receipt with the description included in it.  That's it.  Why is this so difficult?  I can do this in 30 seconds with Paypal.


Using SIM, I can see the Description and Invoice number in the displayed receipt page and customer receipt just fine.  Just no Merchant Receipt is being received.

Just to be thorough, you've of course checked that the merchant receipt isn't caught in your junk mail folder or spam filter?


I just used your form for a test transaction, you should see it in your sandbox merchant interface.  I am also waiting for customer receipt.



Just read you can't do Donate buttons in SIM.


"However, you should know that SIM is not set up to allow the customer to enter the payment amount.  That needs to be determined before you ever redirect to the SIM payment form.  In fact it needs to be fixed before you even render the form fields which are submitted to Authorize.Net's SIM form.  There are ways to make this happen, but how depends on the language you are working in."


Is it really impossible to get the Description included in the Merchant receipt using Simple Checkout?