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Not seeing Item or Description in Simple Checkout receipts

Our client is using simple checkout but for multiple things. They have a Donate button at the top of every page but they also hold raffle sales or other types of fundraising events. This is a good example...


On the top-right of the page you’ll see the option to buy one or more tickets at $5 each. But when they get an email, there’s no way to tell if the person was using the main donate button, or one of their fundraiser buttons. So they have to go through some complex process to track down what the person was sending in money for.


Any idea why this basic functionality of a Buy Now or Donate button isn't happening?  I setup a test but am not getting any email receipts using Simple Checkout.  Thoughts?


The first place I looked after not receiving it.  Not there.


You'll get the customer receipt.  I just won't get the merchant receipt.

I see your transaction and all of mine in Unsettled.  Still no merchant receipts.  I don't get it.

Just changed my account email address from (not .com) to to change the sending email address.  No change.  Still get the customer email, but no merchant email.

OK, I have some information that may help.


Unfortunately, line Item details like the description are not returned with the transaction response or in the email receipt


However,  when you are using Simple Checkout you are creating a button that uses a link ID to identify the button that you are submitting. The same link ID is included in the HTML of the Simple Checkout button is also returned to you with the transaction response.



x_catalog_link_id ea4270ea-f950-44cd-a8e3-7a61b295e8fd


You can match the link ID to determine which Simple Checkout button was submitted, and knowing how you created each Simple Checkout button should allow you to identify the information you need from the transaction.
I've logged an enhancement request to include the item description in the merchant email receipt.  For tracking purposes, this is AFF-30.
As for why you are not receiving merchant email receipts, still working on that.

Many thanks for submitting an enhancement request. I still can't believe that wasn't built-in to begin with, especially not added at this point, and have read about 6 other people's posts saying the same.


And thanks for the info.  I've read that a couple times in the forum.  I'm not clear on what you guys mean when you say, "You can match the link ID to determine which Simple Checkout button was submitted."  Match it where?... in Unsettled Transactions?... by looking for "ea4270ea-f950-44cd-a8e3-7a61b295e8fd" and knowing that was the Raffle ticket button?  I don't think so.  Remember, the client with limited understanding of this stuff is going to be doing this.  They just want, and would expect them to get, a simple email saying someone purchased a raffle ticket or donation without having to login to, navigate to Unsettled Transactions, then looking for "ea4270ea-f950-44cd-a8e3-7a61b295e8fd" or another huge number to tell what was purchased.  Is that what you're saying?  If not, please explain because that's what I'm interpretting.  Thanks!

In simple terms, when a user clicks on a simple checkout button, and submits the form, we post back to your website a response that includes among other things, the x_catalog_link_id.  


From your question, it doesn't appear you are leveraging this and relying solely on the emails.



That's correct... they ARE, and I always have, relied on the merchant emails for notice of a sale. I have no idea how to intercept and interpret something being "posted back to our website". What in the world does that mean/entail? I'm used to doing this simple stuff with Paypal, or using an actual cart and AIM... usually Zencart. Using a cart for this is overkill. Can you elaborate on what I should be leveraging?... in simple terms.
Or just elaborate on how to implement this with AIM? I have the sample code downloaded and it does send the merchant receipts. But the sample code has an existing demo customer already embedded in it. I don't get how to turn that into a Buy Now or Donate button.

Thanks for the information. This isn't gonna work for us though as we need to use Simple Checkout and for it to include a Description in the Merchant Receipt. Will watch that enhancement ticket occassionally to see if it ever gets included.



This feature will be added in a upcoming release later this summer.  If you elect to receive merchant receipts, it will include the line items for the transactions.