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Notify Transaction Status changes in Express checkout with Silent Post?

Hi. I Have an ecommerce integrated with Authorize with ExpressCheckout API. It is working correct. I'm going to implement the silent post function, but first, I need to know if it s working like I'm expecting. Let me explain. For exampole is a possiblility that an Authorize Transaction finishes with PEnding status. So let's imagine that Authorize evaluate this case, and 2 hours later decided that this transactoon was succesful (completed) or not (Denied). Is Authorize going to advice me in any way? Is silent post going to send me a post messages notifying me this change? In negative case,, Is there any function doing it? I need this function becouse I need to do some actions incase of decline finally the transaction. Thanks


There are no pending status. it will return the following status when you submit a transaction

Response Code
This transaction has been approved.
This transaction has been declined.
There has been an error processing this transaction.
This transaction is being held for review.

and when it is on held, the only way to release it, it thru the merchant account interface.



Thanks.  you know if they send an email when it occurs or you must log in to your account for see how finally ends this held for review status?

Haven't work with held for review status. But the only time an email is send out it during the authorize transaction process.

And, I think it will get to the review staus if and only if it is a successful transaction. It just on hold until the merchant release it on the merchant account. And they will need to setup the hold for review criteria at the merchant account.