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Original Transaction Not Issued For Payment Profile

The best way for me to explain our problem is by describing how we're authorizing payments and creating payment profiles.


We're creating customer payment profiles in this order:


1. We create a payment nonce using Accept.js

2. We use the payment nonce to perform an authorization for an amount, say $500

3. We use the resulting transaction id to create a payment profiler

4. On the next day, we use the payment profile to CAPTURE the authorized transaction. But now we get an error, "the original transaction was not issued for this payment profile," presumably because the profile was created AFTER the transaction was issued.


Is this a bug or expected behavior?


Hello @glyoder 


Are you using priorAuthCaptureTransaction as the transaction type, or attempting to use captureOnlyTransaction?



Administrator Administrator




Can you provide a sample priorAuthCapture request for a sandbox transaction?



You mean you want to see some code? Or just an example of a transaction that failed?


The api login id for this sandbox account is: 



Here's an example of a failed capture.


"profileId": "1811009898",
"resultCode": "Error",
"reasonCode": "E00051",
"reasonText": "The original transaction was not issued for this payment profile.",
"responseCode": null,
"responseSubCode": null,
"approvalCode": null,
"avsResultCode": null,
"transactionNumber": null,
"expectedTransNumber": "60022446222",
"amount": "500.00",
"cardType": null

It would help to see your code or the XML/JSON request.

I can try to turn up the debugging and get the XML, but we're just using the authent java sdk, and the same authcapture endpoint is working for other transactions that are authorized after a profile is created. I'm pretty sure the error I'm seeing is because the profile is created after the authorization instead of the other way around.

It sounds like you're on the right track, but I'd love to clarify a few more things and see if I can reproduce here.


1. Has this ever worked? Is this something that has recently changed?

2. Does it work if you're passing a card number instead of a payment nonce? Or, does it fail either way?


#1 - this particular process has never worked. We do have a working process where we create a profile, do an authorization using that profile, and then a capture using that profile. But this new process (authorize using a nonce, creating a profile from that transaction, and then capture prior auth using the profile) has never worked.


#2 - I haven't tried yet. I'll try it when I get a chance.

#2 - I've verified that this also fails if the original transaction was done with a card number instead of a payment nonce.