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We've been getting the "Invalid OTS token" error in prod and sandbox mode when we try to authorize a payment using an nonce. This just started on its own recently Saturday evening, and it's affecting our end users. We haven't made any changes to anyt...
For the last 18 hours or so, when we try to use a nonce generated in our sandbox environment, we keep getting an invalid OTS token. We haven't changed anything about how we generate or use nonces in our testing environment. This has been happening on...
I have a scenario where I'm performing an authorization with a payment nonce, then creating a profile from that successful authorization, and later capturing the authorized amount. This is a nice workflow because I only create a payment profile if th...
The best way for me to explain our problem is by describing how we're authorizing payments and creating payment profiles. We're creating customer payment profiles in this order: 1. We create a payment nonce using Accept.js2. We use the payment nonce ...
If I'm using a paymentNonce generated by Accept.JS to perform a transaction, how do I test declines? The transaction amount triggers have apparently been deprecated in favor of zip codes, but Accept.JS doesn't take a zip code. https://developer.autho...
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