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PCI DSS SAQ A and Localization

We are hoping to support in addition to Stripe. However, unlike Stripe, I cannot find a way to specify language in the form of locale to the Access Hosted approach. Is there a way to do this or is the SAQ A solution only in English?


I do believe the SAQ A integrations, including the iframe, are English only. My modus operandi is to find a workaround for everything and there generally is one. For this I can offer a few thoughts: Accept Hosted is generally used by smaller businesses and most of them probably do not do business internationally. You probably already know this and it doesn’t help you if say, for instance, you are serving merchants in non-English speaking nations. For that I am pretty sure that the minimum info on the payment form is just the PAN and expiration date. I think you can get a form to have just those two fields to fill out. It may be that you also have to display the CVV field, but you can toggle that so that any value they enter will pass in any case.

So your form would have 2 to 3 English fields to fill out. The pay button you can customize for any language. If you are using the redirect method you can include instructions in the order description that explain the fields are in English and what to put. If you’re using an iframe you can have the instructions outside of the payment form. And it is going to be pretty intuitive for most people what goes where no matter what language they speak. If you wish to have the billing address used to verify the transaction, you can collect that on a form you create on your application, then pass the values to the Accept Hosted form. They will be pre-populated.

These are my thoughts and I don’t know what your use case is. If you’re developing a mass market content management system or other software to be used on the web, some of this may be less practical than if you are building websites for individual customers and have flexibility based on the customers preferences. So it’s up to you and how much revenue you stand to gain or lose relative to any additional expense. Best of luck to you.
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