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PHP SDK working locally (sandbox) but not working on production



I have a PHP Laravel application currently processing payments with the PHP SDK (1.8.7). For some reason, it stopped working and I cannot update our customer's card anymore (AuthorizeNetCustomer). The last successful update was on 2020-01-06. In order to confirm that the code was still working, I created a sandbox account and was able to update the customer's card locally.

Any ideas on how to test and debug the SDK on production? Is it time to change it to the new API?


Thank you!


Production API credentials, including your API keys, must be entered into your server-side code to connect API calls to the Braintree gateway. While each user in your gateway has their own unique set of API keys, only one set can be included in your integration.

We do not recommend including an individual user's API credentials. Essayacademia[dot]com If you ever need to delete or suspend that user, this could break your connection to Braintree and result in failed transactions.