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Authorize.Net API questions and help with your payment integration.

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Recorded Developer Webinars Pinned

Please find the links of our recorded developer Webinars Simplify PCI Compliance with Authorize.Net Accept Learn about Authorize.Net API Integration with OAuth 2.0 Creating Automated Workflows Using Authorize.Net Webhooks Thanks Anurag


API / Features documentation Pinned

Use the features you want to build the payment solution you need. You'll be up and running in minutes. Features : SDKS : API reference :


Use Try It Tab for testing APIs on sandbox Pinned

You can test APIs from our Try it Tab in API reference on sandbox without signup Click on the Try it tab and click send .


Use Testing Guide for Specific Transaction Responses Pinned

Using the Testing Guide, developers can trigger specific transaction responses in the sandbox including approvals, declines, errors, as well as AVS and Card Code responses. If you have questions or comments, please use this thread.

new IOS and Xcode Error after signature capture

Team, I have a Xcode project using and ios card-present SDK. The application was working fine until the release of ios 13+ and Xcode 10. With new release after processing the card and signature capture. The screen transition is throwing...

hostedPaymentReturnOptions fails in accept-sample-sapp

I am testing the accept-sample-app (in PHP) from GitHub. I can successfully make a transaction from the iFrame as written, but only with the default receipt. getHostedPaymentForm.php has ... hostedPaymentReturnOptions ... Adding this line after ... ...


EVM and Contactless Readers on a MAC POS system

I am developing some POS software designed to run on a MAC desktop machine. Are there any card readers that support EMV chip and contactless payments (apple wallet etc) that can be used with as a processor in this type of enviornment? O...

DB Structure for Large Scale SAAS CRM

We are working on an early stage CRM Platform and we are currently suffering from slow request and database overload on bussiness inteligence and reporting pages,I don't think we can continue working doing live request on database on potentially over...

SQL Query vs Data Table Component

I was wondering what is the best way to access a database. We have a MySQL database on a web server and are running a local app accessing the data over the internet. I was wondering what is the advantages and disadvantages of using SQL Queries vs Dat...


Best way to solve an integral using Integration by parts. Locked

Hello everyone,,So I’m asking what’s the General way to pick which expression or variable should be put as u and which should be put as dv when trying to solve a integral using intervention by parts.If someone would like to answer how to decide betwe...

Connecting Workbench to a Proxy Server

Hi,I've had a random email forwarded to me by my line manager. He is trying to connect to a remote database, however he cannot connect because the port is not open. He has initiated a conversation with our IT function and they have provided the IP ho...

DB Structure for Large Scale SAAS CRM

We are working on an early stage CRM Platform and we are currently suffering from slow request and database overload on bussiness inteligence and reporting pages,I don't think we can continue working doing live request on database on potentially over...


Deferred discount

Hello everyone;We are currently developing an app, and we are a little bit stuck in regards to the payment feature. We would like the app to work like that:The customer enters his payment information and validates the payment for « $X or less ». From...


Webhook inactive test in sandbox stopped succeeding Solved Locked

We're trying to develop webhooks handling in our payment application. For development we have set up an AWS ELB to reroute to the internal development machine, and we are setting the webhook to go to the public address published by the ELB. We got th...


Updating ARB Subscription with Customer Profile

I am trying to update an ARB subscription so that it references the customer's CIM profile. The ARB was originally created WITHOUT a customer profile. According to the API for Recurring Billing - - Update a Subscription:Only the subscription ID and f...

Allowing empty passwords with MySQL8 for HaProxy

I'm setting up HaProxy with Mysql8 and I need to create a user with no password for haproxy.When I try to create a user with an empty password I get: "ERROR 1819 (HY000): Your password does not satisfy the current policy requirements".How can disable...

The remote name could not be resolved

System.Web.HttpUnhandledException (0x80004005): Exception of type 'System.Web.HttpUnhandledException' was thrown. ---> System.Net.WebException: The remote name could not be resolved: '' at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetRequestStream(...


Please help me with integration by parts

Hello everyone,,I understand the general concept of integration by parts and can solve simple problems however this one has me tearing my hair out.Let f(x) be a function such that f’(x) = -(f(x)) Find the integral of x * f(x)...?

Accept Hosted profile Id shipping addresss

Hi, I am testing the CIM with Accept Hosted. When I set shipTo in the API call, the shipTo property returns null when calling from getTransactionDetails subsequently. Anyone else have this issue.

Fraud Detection Generates False Positive for All IPV6 Addresses

We are getting false positive responses from your fraud detection suite for every visitor who comes from an ipiv6 address. This is an increasing number of users, and as of late, we were getting 5 or more false positives for every legit mismatch on th...

Replacing AspNetCore.Identity.UI???

I recently started a new ASP.NET Core / React project with the dotnet new react template. I was pleasantly surprised at how well things "just worked" and quickly got some nice looking pages up and running using the material-ui library.Shortly after, ...


I am very bad at integration. How can I improve before Fall?

Hello guys,,I'm really, really worried about Calc 2. Currently my GPA is 3.75 (it'll still be my first year in college officially, but I took a year of classes of dual enrollment so I'll be pretty much in sophomore territory starting out) and for my ...

Fusing two queries

So I'm having some trouble piecing together this Select query. My goal was to smash together the usefulness of a Duplicate-searching query (labelled exhibit A), with the usefulness of a Marking query (labelled exhibit B).When I perform these queries ...

Is it useful to learn MySQL? Locked

Hey guys. Currently a college sophomore. This summer off from school has given me a lot of free time, so I am looking for things to keep myself busy. I want to learn some database management programs as I am planning on applying for data analysis int...

Authorized dot net hosted Form response issues.

I am trying to integrate's hosted gateway and I have successfully generated a token for the same.But after computing the payment how can I get payment status.Currently, I am using a local server and also let me how to redirect page will ...

Problem using jQuery.UI.Combined NuGet Package

Using the 1.12.1 version with .NET (fromework specifically if it matters) it appears to download a bunch of CSS files from version 1.11.4, for example all.css and button.css (there are a bunch of them). I wouldn't normally think much of it but I was ...