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PINPad and Swiper Use over Windows RDP

We were directed to this forum by's support as a way to get a more definitive answer to this question, if I have posted it in the wrong area, Mods please move it to the correct place.  We have a client that is moving to a local Terminal server for their computer needs, and who wants to take payments at their terminals.  The terminals use Windows RDP 6.1.76 to connect to a Windows Server 2008 terminal server.  We have made attempts in the past with other providers to get the PINPads and swipers to function over terminal services without success. would use a different manufacture of PINPad and swiper than the Verifone models that we have worked with previously, and while the phone support said they beleived it should work over terminal services, they were not aware of any specific cases where it was functional.  Can anyone tell us if this setup is possible/plausible?  All suggestions are appreciated.





You're unlikely to run across someone who's tried this specific thing, or at least this is the first time I've seen anyone talking about Windows RDP after 8 months or so of trolling the forums. About all I can recommend is to experiment and find out, then preferably post your results so the next person (if there is one) won't have the same problem.


Unfortunately the client is near the end of their patience with this process, I thnk we are going to have to abandon the virtual terminal as solution rather than risk further delays and frustration trying to sort this out if we can't get some reliable intelligence that some one has been able to get this type of setup working.  Thanks for the reply though.