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Partial payments being declined

My developer setup the partial authorization through sandbox. I tested and it works on his server. When he installed it on my server all transactions are being declined for insuffucient funds. I have have turned all of the CVV and AVS filters to allow to try and rule those out as problems. We can't figure out what is wrong on my end.




live production account? sandbox test account?


Read credit card? test credit card?


You might need to have your developer look at what getting send to, or at least both the response code and response reason code, transaction ID


We tested using the sandbox account and zipcodes to get specific responses. The partial payments went through. THe he installed the update onto my server where I tested with live accounts and real credit cards. I am using a visa e-gift card with a $20 dollar balance. The card is being declined every time.

Can you try doing a regular auth_only transaction thru the mechant account virtual terminal? I wonder is the e-gift card that is getting declined. is accepting the card

Then something is not working on the program, your developer will have to look into it.


it is only decline when set to accept partial payment? Are you using the error trigger zip code on the live account

I think you might be right about the e-gift card. Seems weird though. I made a transaction less than the card balance and it said it still could not be completed. I will do further testing on my end with a physical card from a store and see what happens.