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Passing Quantity to Simple Checkout

Hey everyone, this is my first time working with We've determined that using a simplecheckout is going to be the easiest way to checkout for one of our products. But I simply want to pass on the quantity that they select from my end, into the simple checkout form. 

Is this possible?

There's an intermediary php page that grabs the variables and posts them to the form, so I don't want the user to have to enter the quantity twice.

Also I am curious, am I even able to pass on basic information such as the first name so that way users don't have to fill out this information twice?


Or, if you can't pass anything. Is there a way to pass on the information via an e-mail or posting to another URL after the simplecheckout form?

Right now and order is place, it goes to a PHP page that takes all of the variables and sends an email to the sale representative. Then it will go to this simplecheckout page, I don't want to have to make a different page for each quantity of each item, so if there was a way to send this data automatically that'd be great.