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PayPal Error Response Reason Code 23

Occasionally, I will log errors with PayPal transactions that have the follow attributes:

x_response_code: 3


x_response_reason_code: 23

x_response_reason_text: An error occurred during processing. Please try again.


I have not been able to recreate this error and cannot find any guidance on resolving this issue in the integration documentation or in the forums.


A customer that generated these errors, emailed to say they paid with PayPal and when directed back to the website, were greeted by a blank screen.


Anyone experience this and figured out a way to resolve?


A PayPal returned result code 23 = Invalid credit card number. Though this may not correspond directly with the x_response_reason_code 23, which is more of a generic error code.


Other possible causes for the same result code from PayPal:

  • The submitted credit card number contained a dash, space, or extra digit.
  • The transaction exceeds the maximum allowable dollar amount per transaction set on the account.
  • The credit card is no longer valid.
  • PayPal's Luhn 10/Mod 10 check on the card failed.
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