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Payment Form Fields issue w/SIM integration

I need to have some fields required as well as hide some fields, so I went into Settings -> Payment Form -> Form Fields to uncheck some fields and mark some required.  I previewed the form, and it looks the way it should be, however when I went to test it out, everything still shows up.  A search on the forum led me to this: topic and someone it that thread clearly stated


The Payment Form Fields visibility settings only affect the payment form used by SIM


So, my question is, is there a delay between modifying the payment form and propagation is this simply just a bug!?


I just try that for SIM and it work fine on the test server. Did you click the submit button after you change the setting?


Sure did! I even went back just to make sure my changes were saved and they were!

Interesting thing is, I went to the live server and made the same exact changes, saved ... and it works there!! But it won't work on the test server!



The changes you make on your Payment Form Settings page should take effect immediately, I would suggest that you email Developer@Authorize.Netto provide specifics about the account so we can help you troubleshoot the issue.