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Payment Gateway Integration


We are the Team of Web-developers. We are looking for payment gateway for our software-selling website. We don't have a company and legal documents. We need to accepting: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Chase and Discover. We are ready to integrate several payment gateways to cover more card issuers. Payment gateway must provide an API. It is required to provide: an YII module, credits replenishment to personal account and email notifications. Withdrawal in BTC - additional advantage.


If you are using Wordpress CMH thsn you can teke help from payment gateway plugins, and connect your backaccount and other details with it and your issue would resolved. This is the best way to do. However, must consider these points for selecting any plugins, as I am not here promoting any plugin you it is completely up to you which one you are going to use. One the plugin you are using must be updated one and the last update has done within 2022, more than 7 months ago updated plugins never use becasue it would cause security issues. Moreover the plugin you are using must know how many are usying it, must select the use which is atleast have 200K+ user because it shows you it is a credible one.
Apart from it in case you have any more infromaiton of found a correct one  also share it with me, so I got some more information.