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Payment Gateway

I've done some reading and to be honest its overwhelming but I have tested some code.   I currently have the quick setup on my website with my test api.


I currently have a merchant account through if this helps. 


Here are my questions.  


1) Is it possible to add a comment box to this simple setup?  I'm a service and all the client would be doing is entering in the amount with CC information and letting me know who the client is that the payment is going towards.  


2) How do I get rid of the test information ?  Once I have this test setup and everything is working, how do I get rid of the test information?  


My apologies, this site is full of information but its hard to track down my solution specifically.   




The more I read the more I'm getting confused.  So let me tell you what I'd like to do.  I'm a service, and people are always paying me different amounts.  i have no shopping cart, they receive a bill and they can make a payment on our site.  


The client simply goes to make a payment.   They enter in the amount they'd like to pay.  They enter in their personal and credit card information.  There should also be a comment box, in case someone is making the payment for them.  


Like I said i already have an account.   I do have an SSL for a shopping cart system alread on this site, but its too complex for what I need this payment gateway to do.  


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  


Okay so it seems that the method I selected is the correct one DPM.  I do not want to collect CC data.  Many of my clients will only make a couple of payments in the time I work with them.   


I do want them to receive an email verification of their payment however.  So I'd need to get their email address along with a comments box.  


How do I add these or can I add these criteria to the DPM method? 


I believe that with DPM, any value you pass (other than the fields defined by the API) will be passed directly through.


The developer can add any other desired fields (called Merchant Defined Data Fields),
which pass through to the relay; for example, in the Java example, the “notes” field can
contain special shipping instructions or other information.


To answer your question, you can include a field called "notes" or probably "comments" if you prefer and have them put a message in there. For email, try "x_email" and see if it sends a payment notification.

Thanks TJ,


I am using PHP, can you tell me or point me in the right direction on how to add field ?  

The fields would be added to the HTML form you submit to I assume you know HTML? On the relay response page, add print_r($response) so you can see what's been passed through, act accordingly.