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Payment profile not creating for American Express Credit Card

Hi Team,

We are moved the PAyment gateway using CIM to production and able to create the payment profiles and making payment transaction succefully other American Express credit card(MAster,Visa..) .

But when trying to create the same with American express , its showing error from rresponce , I am getting most of the time error with American Express card is An error occurred during processing. Please try again , also as shown below error messages. please help us to fix the issue with american express.

1. An error occurred during processing. Please try again

2. Insufficient Details

3.This transaction has been declined.

4. This transaction has been declined.

We are getting above mentioned error messages from Authorize.ner where working properly for remaining credit card types. Please help us to fix the above issue.

Thanks in Advance.




These types of errors probably don't actually have anything to do with your integration to Authorize.Net.  The most likely problem is that American Express actually has not been correctly configured at the merchant bank account that is being used. The merchant in question will want to contact their merchant service provider to have the error resolved.

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