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Payments Unprocessed - No Response String/Error Code Generated - No Help from Support Staff



I am employed by a company trying to add an e-commerse system for their customer base. 

We have set up an account with to enable credit card processing with our shopping cart.

Our web developer has plugged in the API Login ID and Transaction Key.  Everything is set up, and we

should be good to go.  Unfortunately when we attempt to place any test order we invariably get hung

up at the Payment phase. 


In every case, it says: "There has been an error processing your credit card" and the order is not

able to be completed.  This happens regardles of what card is used.  I receive the same notice

when using my personal card or the test card that was provided by Authorize.


I spoke to support and they said that they are unable to determine the problem until I can

provide them with the response string containing the specific error code that we are receiving.  I

requested this information from the web developer, but he says that no response string or error code

are being sent.


This was his message: "I have temporarily modified the script so that it outputs the response from as the error message on the transaction page. As you can see with a test order the

response is empty."


This is a screen capture of the problem we are encountering:


Presumably, the response should appear in the red box beneath the error notice, but nothing is showing up.


Again I reported this to Authorize but they said "With no error number we do not know what is wrong

or how to fix it.  Merchant Support can only help you with error numbers and how to correct them."


And they directed me to this forum for help in resolving the problem.  If any one can provide further

advise, it would be greatly appreciated.  This website was supposed to be operational several weeks ago.





Hey Jordan,


Sorry for the delay in responding. But unfortunately, we aren't going to of much help either. Any time a transaction errors out, you'll receive a response string with a response code that helps troubleshoot what the problem is. If you're not getting any kind of response from us, it sounds like you may not even be reaching Authorize.Net to begin with. There may be an issue with your initial connection that you can try troubleshooting.





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