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Please Update us on state of In-person SDK (remove signature step)

Could someone please update me on the state of the In-Person SDK? Is there a roadmap for further development? Is there a plan? Are bugs and issues being addressed?


Is Chase PaymentTech still set to certify soon-ish?


Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover have announced that they will longer require signatures in 5 days (April 14th) for card security purposes. Are you on track to remove this step from the checkout flow? We won't even need your UI!!!!


Are you ever going to pass an Apple Pay or Android Pay token through the reader into an app?


Can you give us a "need to remove card" indicator of some kind, along with a "card removed" event?


For the iOS SDK in particular, are you ever going to fix your Podspec? Are you going to conform to the Swift Package Manager file structure? Is there ever going to be simulator support?