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Preserve Session Data on Authorize.NET webhook response

I am trying to upgrade Authorize.NET from CIM to Accept Hosted, and stuck on this problem:


Accept Hosted needs 2 urls for the configuration.


  1. Return URL, which redirects the user to home page, after a successful payment.
  2. A Webhook url, to which the Authorization.Net webhook will post transID.

On redirect, I need to access application specific payment details, which are stored in the current session. Note: These are not the payment details, I can get them from webhook->transID->GetTransactionDetails


In CIM, the redirect url contained the Payment information from AuthorizeNET(transID, etc.), as well as the app-specific session Payment information. So I was able to process both of them in a single handler, which was called on the redirect.


However in the new api, when a webhook sends post data on my webhook URL, it does it asynchronously, using a different session than the session on which payment was made. So when I receive transID and subsequent payment details from AuthorizeNET, it has no idea about the session dependent application specific payment details.


My question is, how can I preserve the session-specific data, after I receive the Authorize.Net's payment details?


Has anyone encountered a similar problem? What's the best approach to fix this?