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Prior AuthCapture

.NET C# I need to do an Auth, then capture that Auth with the CIM. I create the PriorAuthCaptureType and then try to get a CustomerProfileTransResponse but it blows up giving me a null exception when I submit it the PriorAuthCaptureType. I do have a problem with the other ProfileTransTypes. Everthing compiles and builds OK. Any suggestions ? I pasted the method I have below. 


public createCustomerProfileTransactionResponse CaptureCustomerProfile(string customerProfileId, string customerPaymentProfileId, string transId, decimal Amount, string apiLogin, string merchantKey) { HttpXmlUtility httpXmlUtility = new HttpXmlUtility(ServiceMode.Live, apiLogin, merchantKey); profileTransPriorAuthCaptureType _transCaptureOnly = new profileTransPriorAuthCaptureType(); _transCaptureOnly.transId = transId; _transCaptureOnly.amount = Amount; _transCaptureOnly.customerPaymentProfileId = customerPaymentProfileId; _transCaptureOnly.customerProfileId = customerProfileId; profileTransactionType _transactionType = new profileTransactionType(); _transactionType.Item = _transCaptureOnly; createCustomerProfileTransactionRequest _request = new createCustomerProfileTransactionRequest();
_request.transaction = _transactionType;
createCustomerProfileTransactionResponse _response = (createCustomerProfileTransactionResponse)httpXmlUtility.Send(_request); return _response; }





I see that you have

HttpXmlUtility(ServiceMode.Live, apiLogin, merchantKey);


Is this a test account or live/production account?


This is using a live account.

I have not had issues with the other profileTransactionTypes.

Thx for reading


Code look ok.

It getting null because it try to parse the respone, you can see the code in


It probably getting one of the E????? error, read the CIM xml


If other transactiontype works, my guess would be the transactionID, can you login to the merchant account and see if the transactionID is valid?




I am getting a .NET null error.  The Exxx error I am well familiar with,  but I dont get as far the response.  .NET throws the no istance of the object and things kak.   I am using similar code for other TransTypes and I get a response to parse. If I use the captue only it works fine  but that creates another transaction.


I have merchant access and  the  profile, transID data is all good.  I wish I was getting the Exxx error cause then I know the where to look.  


This has me stumped.



If you run debug, the error was on

The response is null

public ANetApiResponse Send(ANetApiRequest apiRequest) {

Download the source and change it to get the Exxxxx error.

Or just skip the SDKs and use the web service interface.

Please correct me if I am wrong but I did not see a priorAuthCapture in the CustomerGateway Interface.

Thank you for the replys.  Lol,  helps if I use the most recent  Auhtorize.dll.  I now have the PriorAuthCapture in the Gateway. I made a call directly thru the gateway and I am still getting the null exception.  I know the customer parameters are correct as well as the transactionId. 

Any suggestions?  I will set load the source code and see where it is dumping



OK - Learned something new.   You cannot capture a prior auth with CIM that was not orginally  created with that CIM profile.   I am doing the auth,  creating the CIM profile,  then going back and trying to capture that auth with the new CIM profile. Doesn't work.   So I would consider this immediate issue closed. 


Now..  What would be the suggested means to handle that scenario?