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Problems with DOM on new app in new domain

I have been doing a VB6 to Dot Net conversion on a project. Because of sequencing, I have had to move the domain of the converted system.


Since moving from VB6 to Dot net I have been unable to get my application working with DPM.


The client is receiving this error:

The following errors have occurred.

(13) The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive.


I have checked the URL I am posting to,, many times.


I have checked my x_login entry several times, typing by hand and copying and pasting from the web site.


I have checked my encryption key value multiple times and I have generated a new encryption key and tried that


I have pointed my old application and my new application to a mirror page that just reports back my key-value pairs and I have gone through and cut and pasted between the new and old to make sure that no spelling has been changed.


I have taken the values from my page and entered them on the page at to verify that my value is being hashed correctly and that is matching.


I know my merchant login is not incorrect or inactive. 


Can anyone shed some light on what the problem might be here? Can anyone suggest any further tests I can perform that will give me an idea of exactly what my issue is? 


How are you passing the hidden value? name=??? or id=???    try doing both.


Thanks for the idea.


I was sending with "name=", I have added "id=", but the results are the same. 

Open it the developer mode in the web browser, see if the fields are being pass.

for DPM is loginID and the hash x_fp_hash

doc is here

Thanks for the link. I already have the guide. I have used it for testing the hash and making sure all of the value pairs are in my post request. 


I had been assuming based on the error that something was wrong with my hash, but I entered everything from my request into the tool above and the hash it generated matched mine, so I am pretty much at a loss.



Could you please try an authenticateTestRequest using your production credentials?  This will confirm if your base API Login and Transaction Key are correct:


You can see the request format in our API Reference




This was the result I received with my credentials:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><authenticateTestResponse xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns="AnetApi/xml/v1/schema/AnetApiSchema.xsd"><messages><resultCode>Ok</resultCode><message><code>I00001</code><text>Successful.</text></message></messages></authenticateTestResponse>

That is good.  Perhaps the next step is to have a look at your actual request data sent to the gateway with any sensitive information redacted.  If you prefer, you can use our contact us form or just post here in the community and redact anything sensitive.



This what is being transmitted:


invoicepayment = '106.09'
x_card_num = '4007000000027'
x_exp_date = '01-17'
x_card_code = '722'
completepurchase = ''
function = 'cobrapayment2'
sessionid = 'c259affd-4b97-4eba-be4a-3661d398eb57'
x_fp_hash = '058C75F7601D5510B2DF398D6A4F48F7'
accounttype = '6'
compid = '1064'
x_amount = '106.09'
x_fp_timestamp = '1448482772'
x_fp_sequence = '956'
x_relay_url = ''
x_relay_response = 'Y'
x_login = 'LOGINID'
x_type = 'AUTH_CAPTURE'
x_currency_code = 'USD'
x_cust_id = '106400289'
pid = '106400289'
x_invoice_num = '3'
invnum = '3'

If I use the tool for the Response Code 99 and input my login ID, the code that is showing valid in my last post, the sequence number, the time stamp, and the currency code the hash code matches what is above. Maybe I have misspelled one of these fields and I am just not seeing it? If that is the case I will gladly take that egg on my face to have this behind me.

You sure when you redid the page in it didn't change the field name/id name? If it used master page it might get some prefix to the fieldname depend on your web config settings.