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Production Mode does not work



I am using the C# - SDK sample code with few adjust to integrate in a customer's website. Code works very well in Sandbox, using my developer credentials. Then, when I turn the environment to Production put my Customer's credentials and live customer's portal set to Test Mode, the code does not work  and returns a error message saying there was some error trying to process the transaction. Message comes without any error number.

 I spent several hours on internet trying to get an answer but unfortunatly I did not find answer.  
Also I called but they could not offere me any help without a error number.


Code below shows where in the code I made changes to production server.


public static class AuthorizeNetHelper
        static AuthorizeNetHelper()
            ApiOperationBase<ANetApiRequest, ANetApiResponse>.RunEnvironment = Properties.Settings.Default.RunningInProductionEnvironment ? AuthorizeNet.Environment.PRODUCTION : AuthorizeNet.Environment.SANDBOX;
        public static createTransactionResponse ChargeCreditCard(creditCardType creditCard, customerAddressType billingAddress, string description, decimal amount)
            ApiOperationBase<ANetApiRequest, ANetApiResponse>.RunEnvironment = AuthorizeNet.Environment.PRODUCTION;
and I put this on web.config

<setting name="AuthorizeNetApiLoginId" serializeAs="String">
        <value>I put customer's LoginId here</value>
      <setting name="AuthorizeNetApiTransactionKey" serializeAs="String">
        <value>I put customer's TransactionKey here</value>
      <setting name="RunningInProductionEnvironment" serializeAs="String">



I wonder if someone could help with this issue.


Thank you in advance.




Can you run in debug to see the raw response?




response = null



Thank you ,






download the source from Github

read about debugging dll





I amalready using the git hub source code with minimum changes and everything works perfect on sandbox.
For me seems that the same code does not works on production mode because can not reach production server.

Should I put the production server url somewhere in the code? If so, where?



thank you,






Shouldn't need to change it

the url is under the api endpoint table here.

I checked all documentation and all required fields are present in the code. Also, I put it back to sandbox and everything works fine. I am even receiveing the auto-receipt issue by authorizenet.

But, when I turn back to Production, no success.


PS. : I realized that in Sandbox even not informing the address, the system process and return an approved transaction. But on auto-receipt there's an information saying address has been verified ( see below).



============== RESULTS ==============
Response : This transaction has been approved.
Auth Code : DDR8MD
Transaction ID : 2154349550
Address Verification : Street Address: Match -- First 5 Digits of Zip: Match



So it did get the transaction in production?


Another thing is to raise an issue on Github for the SDK, see if the developer have more insight

Unfortunately, no.


Receipt shown was issued when using Sandbox.


I am really upset with this, mainly because I sold the ideia about to my customer and now isn't working. I guess I will move to PayPal or other provider.


I just do not understand why I a sdk code provided for Authorize, that works in sandbox, simply does not works in production, since the only change is set environment to Production.


Thank you for your help.






@jsw32821  Is your production gateway still in test mode?  It may also help to see your entire request in XML with any sensitive information removed.