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Proper Process to Handle Missed ARB Payment



I am using the ARB API to setup subscriptions for my website. I then use the Silent Post functionality to update my system. We have things setup so that if a subscription payment fails one time then the account is suspended and no further automatic attempts are made to run their card again.


My question is, what is the proper process to handle updating the subscription once the customer has updated their payment information?


  1. Do I cancel the subscription completely. Then run a single AIM transaction and setup a new subscription?
  2. Do I run a single AIM transaction and then update the existing subscription in particular way to let know the subscription is now current and to setup the next processing date?
  3. Some other process???

Thanks in advance for the help.


If you update the subscription, it will reactivate. If the payment it failed on was the first one, it will restart with that payment; otherwise it will start with the payment after the one that failed. In the latter case, you need to do an AIM transaction to process the missing payment.