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Question About Confirmation Emails



Is there a way to set an html string to the email text paramater that comes with the php api sdk? I want to be able to summarize the order (which I save as a string) to look like the receipt page using the order receipt email that goes to customers. Currently I use a developer account but I figure being able to manipulate this would mean I can do the same thing for the live account. The question is, how do I get multiple lines of data to show in the message body?




Have you tested with adding an actual line break, \n as text, and <br> to see what comes out? I don't know the answer to this off the top of my head, but I'd think it would be something you can test pretty easily.


I'm trying to use a variable as I am looping through multiple items they purchased, creating a string and trying to pass it. It gives me errors stating it can only be 'text' (it did this when I had a <b> in the varaible string)


So then I am trying a simple $test variable with the words "This is a test" and now it says the value for the total amount is invalid:


    $cim->setLineItem('12', 'Test Order', $test, $purchase_amount);


Edit: One reason for the error is a missing 4th of 5th currently testing new methods to use 'text' for what should be the 3rd paramater (description)...

Another attempt:


"createCustomerProfileTransactionRequest Response Summary: Response code: E00003 Message: An error occurred while parsing EntityName. Line 17, position 84."


This is maddening. Does just not allow full description emails of orders? I definitely need to know by tomorrow if we are going to launch by next week. Maybe I don't know how to find the documentation? Does anybody have a real world example?