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Questions regarding ebay, and online merchant accounts

Hey guys, after close to 10 years I've had my fill of paypal. Countless transactions, all 100% feedback, all above average selling standards and they have been holding my payments for the last 3 months without giving me any indication of what's wrong or how to fix it. It's just time to move on and I hope a few of you have experience with merchant accounts and credit card gateways because this is all foreign to me.

Im looking at because they will set up my merchant account and handle the credit card gateway on eBay. I have a personal checking account and was wondering if this will work in conjunction or if I need to sign up for a separate business banking account.

Is the way to even go for a merchant account or should I use a separate company for the online merchant account and just stick to for the gateway?

Any tips or info is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.